Excel and Maps

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So, you want to view your own private data on maps?
Don’t worry! Take a look at some of our mapping tool features

excel map
  • Add maps to your corporate presentations
    • Easy define organizational Territories Painting over OpenStreetMap
    • Create thematic maps typing over territories and let TargetMap to assign range colours
    • Finally export your map to ©PowerPoint or any other presentation software and add Title, Shadows, rotation, etc..
    • Watch 1 min video Link
excel map
  • Map your Excel data
    • Easy locate where are your Excel Clients or Prospects grouped by Zip / Postal Codes over OpenStreetMap!
    • Click on the map & See geolocalized all data of your customers
    • Discover where are your most profitability areas
    • Create Thematic Maps of your country by Sales revenues, total customers, ROI, or any other value that is in your interest!
    • Watch 8 min video Link
excel map
  • Territory Manager
    • Easy Create Sales Territories areas & assign your Clients to them.
    • You can view all changes in your variables in real time! (Sales, Nº clients, Average of demand units...)
    • Align and Optimize your Territories, or consumer demand trends to best distribute products using their Zip Postal Codes.
    • Export final Map, and Database to your CRM platform or Call Center.
    • Watch 15 min video Link

In more than 60 countries of the world!!

Make accurate executive decisions
Analyze your private data on

Using your zip / postal codes column of
your excel business files
with secure Equifax SSL Encryption
(No installation or download required)

Create your own free maps

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