What is TargetMap?

TargetMap is the easiest way to create and share customized data maps on line.

Our aim is to allow everyone (from individuals to large organizations) to represent their data on maps of any country in the world and to share their knowledge with the whole Internet Community as part of the bargain.

We will also maintain a library with all of the people-created maps to ensure that they can be consulted at any time.

Anyone interested in founding socio-economic data about any country can visit TargetMap to see if someone has already shared this info with the community.

Let’s recap. Just what can you do? You will be able to:

  • Type your data directly onto administrative boundaries.
  • Upload your data in a Spreadsheet (Excel).
  • Export the maps to your own documents for presentations.
  • See your zip/postal coded data on Maps
  • See your data on different boundaries.
  • Locate your info on OpenStreetMap.
  • Share your maps online (embed in blogs, Twitter, Facebook).
  • Access an open map library created by all users.
  • Improve your ReportMaps by combining your data with shared maps.

If people uses TargetMap to spread their wisdom and to improve researches by mixing and matching their own data with the data shared by other users, then we would be very happy indeed.

About MapGenia

MapGenia's home ground is based in Barcelona (Spain).

We have expertise in improving decision-making processes for our customers. We use both geographical and data analysis tools to give companies full control over their ROI.

Now we want to give something back, we want to use what we have learnt over the years to create an online mapping tool that can be used freely by everyone. But with just one catch: all maps and data have to be shared with the entire internet community.


We would like to send a big shout out to the following people and organizations for their help and support:

Akistania (David Álvarez "Patxi"), Eric Gual "Maki", Undefined, Britney Spears, SlideShare, Statoids, GADM, Mike Winiski's Blog, Àlex Gisbert, Verónica Milán, Amanda Tozer


If you have a blog and you want to spread your area of expertize with our tool, you can ask us for help to create your first ReportMap to post in your blog. From this time on, we are sure you’ll find multiple ways of adapting the tool to your specific needs. No one better than you knows what do you want to communicate and how.

You can contact us at bloggers@targetmap.com

We will be glad helping you create your 1st ReportMap.

Our desire is that TM helps spreading knowledge over the world. And we do not know any better way than helping bloggers achieve your main purpose.

Work with Us

Do you want to join us?

We are continuously developing new features and thinking how could TargetMap be more useful to the community

TargetMap is a small but fast-growing project trying to create a new way to share knowledge through data-maps. If you share our willing to spread wisdom there might be an opportunity for you at TargetMap.

How we are?

  • We don't follow trends - we learn from our users and try to create the best mapping tool for them.
  • We want TargetMap to become the reference application for sharing knowledge through data-maps on the net.
  • We are passionate about what we do.

So... If you really think that TargetMap is a good initiative, that you can help us and you want to join a young and growing team, send your resume to crew@targetmap.com. We are always willing to incorporate new talents to our team.

Right now we are located in Barcelona, Spain. If you like the sun, living near the beach, and you can give us a hand to make TargetMap bigger just contact us.