Percentage of Iran's oil exportation by country

Percentage of Iran's oil exportation by country World Map
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January 24, 2012
World - Economy
war, Ormuz, USA, IRAN, OPEC
by @onionSlayer
How to interpretate? In Sri Lanka's case, the 80%(pin point) of its oil importation comes from Iran, and at the same time, the thematic(territory color) shows that the 2.7% of the Iranian oil exportation is selled to Sri Lanka. Watch Greece and Turkey with 34.2% and 50% of his oil importations Iran Oil Exports 2.523 million bbl/day (2009 est.) Not all the countries are listed. Total % of data available=96.4% In 2006 exports of crude oil totaled 2.5 Mbbl/d (400,000 m3/d), or about 62.5 percent of the country’s crude oil production. While the shares of Europe, Japan, and the United States declined from an average of 87 percent of oil exports before the Revolution to 52 percent in the early 2000s

% BBL/DAY iranian exportation
over total iranian oil exportation
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% BBL/DAY import
over total country oil importations
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