Prevalence of bipolar disorder

Prevalence of bipolar disorder World Map
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February 7, 2013
World - Health
bipolar, disorder
by Haunted Toast
These data are taken from prevalence estimates taken from published epidemiological studies. Only a handful of countries have data given for them; the others use data from their closest genetic and geographic neighbors. For example, the data for all of Latin America is taken from that of Puerto Rico, as is the case of Slavic Europe with the Czech Republic and Northern Europe with nearly identical estimates from Northern Ireland and Iceland. Also, estimates that fell noticeably outside the average of approximately .47% given to the world by the WHO have been dropped, as they tended to have been taken from low sample sizes and be far away from the average. For example, Switzerland was once estimated at 6%, as was Spain at .08%.

Bipolar disorder
Estimated prevalence