Multicultural United Soccer Club - Nationalities Represented 2012

Multicultural United Soccer Club  - Nationalities Represented 2012 World Map
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April 4, 2013
World - Culture, Sports & Leisure
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by SB
Multicultural United Soccer Club (MUSC) is in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, United States. Upper Darby is a diverse community just west of West Philadelphia. People from over 70 countries have come to make their home here. Multicultural United is a recreational and character-building outreach program of the Multicultural Community Family Services. It gives newcomer and native families alike a place where their youth can come together and have fun playing the great, global sport of soccer. These are the nationality backgrounds of the players and coaches of Multicultural United Soccer Club in 2012.

Multicultural United Soccer Club Upper Darby,
Players, Families and Coaches
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