List of National Debt by Country

List of National Debt by Country World Map
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August 2, 2010
World - Economy
debt, gdp
by Chloropeta
Japans Public sector debt is very high. However, Japan has a high savings rate which makes it easier for the government to finance the debt. 90% of Japanese debt is owned by Japanese individuals. US has a low savings ratio and 25% of US debt is owned by foreigners. Nevertheless the National Debt of Japan is a real burden for the economy An important factor is not just cumulative national debt, but, the annual budget deficit. This annual deficit determines the rate of deterioration in the public sector debt. In the above list, the UNited States debt is given at just below 40% of national debt. But, a more commonly used statistics is gross government debt which stands at close to 90% of GDP

Public Debt as a % of GDP 2009
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