Average Penile Length

Average Penile Length World Map
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September 9, 2013
World - Health
Penis size
by @RichiRich10
Penile length for different countries The averages from the other penile charts are the flaccid stretched lengths for most countries vs the self reported links in other countries, the average penile size for places like Venezuela is NOT 17 cm like Richard Lynn said, but its 14.5 cm, also let me make something clear, most of the African averages are self reported without any medical studies to back them up, except Nigeria and Tanzania, so NO BLACK MEN ARE NOT LARGE AND EAST ASIAN MEN ARE NOT SMALL, the media just promotes these stereotypes to keep the p0rn industry going, but judging by medical studies, 95% of men are all 5 - 5.9 inches, also if anybody has any medical reports from Africa to please contact me

Penis Size
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