Italy Intentional/Unintentional homicides 2008

Italy Intentional/Unintentional homicides 2008 Italy Map
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November 12, 2010
Italy - Others
by kikolo
(a) Data related to the crimes reported since 2004 are not homogeneous compared to those of the preceding years, for thorough modifications in the survey system, as well as in the reference population: since 2004, besides the crimes reported to the judicial authority by the State Police, Carabinieri Force and Financial Police (that supplied the paper form 165 used up to year 2003), are considered also those reported by the State Forester, the Penitentiary Police, by the Direction investigation for antimafia and by other offices (Interpol Service, Coastguard, Hunting Police, and other local Polices). Further differences derive from a different definition of some typologies of crime and from a more exact definition of the time and place of the committed crime. For such reasons, data must be compared with extreme prudence. The sum of the crimes by province could not coincide with the total of the region, and that of the regions with the total Italy, because of the missed precise statement, for some crimes, of the place where they have been committed (or of the region of the committed crime but not of the province).

Intentional homicides
Unintentional homicides