Radiation alteration in Japan after Fukushima accident

Radiation alteration in Japan after Fukushima accident Japan Map
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April 1, 2011
Japan - Health
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by Alvy
UPDATED 03-31-2011. Increased radiations: the colors represent the radioactive ALTERATION caused by the Fukushima accident on the natural, pre-nuclear accident radiation values. These data represent how the actual natural radiation of the area has been changed by the NPP emissions after the blowouts, on 03/29/2011. The black dots, instead, represent simply the raw radiation of the area "as it is", indipendently from the natural, usual pre-fallout radiation. The peak is of course at Fukushima, again, and the value is completely off-scale compared to any other in Japan (SEE NOTE). NOTE: Data on the Fukushima prefecture are absolutely official and real but not as precise as the others, as they are the result of single, daily-updated readings taken about 20 km NW of Fukushima NPP by a special police unit (counter NBC). That specific location shows day after day some terrific, off-scale radiation levels, the highest measured outside the 20 kms exclusion range from the Fukishima-Daichii NPP, and I chose to select them to report the potential danger of the area, not the radiation actually present in every single part of that prefecture. For further info, suggestions or comments, contact me at Nuclear power. Sigh.

Radiation alteration
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Absolute radiation
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