Trinity College Dublin International Collaborations

Trinity College Dublin International Collaborations World Map
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April 15, 2011
World - Education
bibliometrics, scholarly communication, Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, InCites, academic collaboration
by Niamh
This is a map of international collaborations in terms of co-authorship with scientists and scholars in Trinity College Dublin. The period covered is 2006-2010. The data source is Thomson Reuters InCites, which in turn, is based on Thomson Reuters Web of Science. These data are reproduced by agreement with Thomson Reuters and the Irish National Research Data Project. The number of 'Web of Science' papers written with TCD authors is indicated by the colour gradient - the deeper blue indicates a higher number of collaborative papers. Click on the country to see the full details.

Trinity College Dublin Collaborations 2006-2010
Number of Web of Science Papers Co-Authored